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Papers under Review

  • Feng, W., Lischko. A., Martin, E., Skeer, M., Kaplan, A., Wang, Y., and Stopka, T. Who are the local policy innovators? cluster analysis of current municipal tobacco control policies in Massachusetts

  • Feng, W., Fox, A. What’s the Hold Up? The FDA’s Delayed Implementation of Menu Labeling Policy

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  • Acevedo, A., Feng, W., Corlin, L., Allen, J., Levine, P., Stopka, T. Experiences with and Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States Differences by Substance Use Disorder Status, 2020

Working Papers

  • Feng, W., Lowenfels, A., Brissette, I., Fox, A. Promoting Active Transportation Use in Rural and Urban Settings: the Role of the Built Environment and Socio-demographics.

  • Fox, A., Feng, W., Howell, E., Meier, B., Scruggs, L., Kim, Y. Ideology and Safety-Net Generosity: Can Differences in State Medicaid Eligibility Generosity Help to Explain Persistent Health Inequalities across US States?

  • Fox, A., Feng, W., Meier, B., Kim, Y., Scruggs, L., Zeitlin, J. Constructing an Index of State Safety Net Generosity, 1996-2010: Approach, State Rankings and Predictive Validity

Peer-Reviewed Publications
Working Papers


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